Last weekend, the Bowerbirdy Safari team headed to the heart of Chelmsford, turning a slice of the town green with an environmentally friendly event that was all about connecting with nature without leaving a footprint.

Why You’ll Love Our Green Adventures

Nestled among the usual hustle and bustle, our 100% electric Safari Adventure Jeep parked up, and oh boy, did it spark joy! This wasn’t your garden-variety event; it was a full-throttle, eco-friendly escapade that had the little ones (and the big ones!) buzzing more than a bumblebee at a flower festival.

An Electric Day That’s Kind to the Earth

Our Safari Adventure Jeep is more than just a vehicle; it’s a vessel for voyages of the imagination! On board there’s magical portal to the Enchanted Bower Tree, full of dancing Bower Birds, a seed-planting station, and a safari arcade machine – it’s like a mystical Eden Project on wheels!

Environmentally Friendly Event: A young girl works on a craft project at the Safari craft tables, with a Bowerbirdy Safari team member watching on.

Environmentally Friendly Event: Our Core Ethos

Every nook of our jeep whispered (or, in the case of the arcade machine, bleeped and blooped) of sustainability. Our commitment to an environmentally friendly event meant zero emissions, zero waste, and a hundred smiles. The children’s faces lit up as they planted seeds at our Seed Station, promising a greener tomorrow.

Safari Snaps: Smiles to Go

Our instant-print photobooth turned memories into keepsakes faster than you could say “Cheese!” Every snapshot captured the spirit of the day – faces alight with the thrill of learning, hands muddied with the joy of planting, and eyes twinkling with the reflection of our Enchanted Tree.

Environmentally Friendly Event: A girl smiles for the camera while holding up her photo souvenir

The Thrill of the Hunt

Our Safari Treasure Hunt had youngsters foraging for acorns with the gusto of squirrels in autumn! Finding one meant witnessing the enchanting Bower Birds break into a dance – a flap and tap that could outdo any street performer in town. And the best part? Each acorn discovery grew the seeds of self-confidence in the kids.

And, of course, The Seed Station was a hit, with sprouts of enthusiasm as seeds were potted to be cherished at home. It’s one thing to talk about growth, but another to watch it unfurl on your windowsill.

Environmentally Friendly Event: A father and his child play on the arcade machine that's built into the Safari Adventure Jeep

From Pixels to Plants: The Full Bowerbirdy Experience

While the Saf-Arcade offered a digital adventure, juxtaposing our real-world connection with nature, it was all about balance. The arcade was a nod to modern entertainment, powered by clean energy – all wrapped up in the fun of our environmentally friendly event.

See the event for yourself!

Join Us on Our Next Adventure!

As the sun set on our day in Chelmsford, hearts were full, plants were potted, and the future seemed a shade greener. Our Safari Adventure Jeep may have rolled off into the sunset, but our mission continues – and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

Contact us to get the Safari Adventure Jeep to heading into your town, and join us in spreading the roots of environmental education and fun!