Consistent quality content attracts and retains your audience and ultimately drives customer action.




£75 /hour

The true art of storytelling in the 21st century. We love producing blockbuster quality at a fraction of the cost. Our team is dynamic, working on projects ranging from your local bowling centre to content for the BBC and Netflix.



£65 /hour

You name it, we’ve snapped it! From food and drink, PR events, product launches, proms, weddings, black tie events, trade shows, fashion brands, festivals and some of the biggest campaigns for global brands…. We are also the most cost-effective without minimising the quality.

No job is too big or small for our team, give them a call.

Graphic Design


£45 /hour

Top designers, quick turnarounds, honest, reliable and affordable. Our designers have worked with Dominos, BMW, The Olympic Games, Tesco, Audi, Diageo to name a few.

Let us bring your ideas to life!


What We Do

Bowerbirdy lives and breathes exciting and dynamic content. We’re passionate about crafting engaging content and bespoke campaigns that will wow your clients.

Brand Video
Show your brand’s story through video, and showcase your personality, products and services. Brand videos are a powerful tool to build rapport.
3D Visulisation
Take your products to another dimension using photorealistic 3D photography and video. The potential is endless.
Product Explainer

Motion graphics effectively showcase your products, showing them in a manner that truly resonates with your audience.

Case Study Video

Highlight your products, services, and clients with case study videos that bring your brand to life and establish you as specialists.

Fun animations can really bring an element of personality to your brand, which might otherwise be overlooked.
'How To' Videos

Enhance your content with a video that engagingly explains “how to” methods, ensuring your audience remains captivated.

Podcast Production
End-to-end production; from scripting and capture through to editing and promotion.
Social Media Content
Engage your audience with optimised images, videos, animations and GIFs.

People engage more with videos; utilise a documentary-style piece to instruct and enlighten your audience.

Event Videos
Let us capture the magic of your events, producing highlight videos to share and content to promote your business.
Influencer Campaigns

Influencers possess significant purchasing impact over their audience. Incorporate them into your campaigns to enhance ROI.

Studio Interview

Showcase your motivational, newsworthy, investigative, or gaming content to a broader audience using our studio.

Experts in Cross-Platform Promotion

We really mimic a real-life Bowerbird, which dedicates 11 months to constructing a magnificent nest, while also adorning its surroundings with vibrant trinkets to captivate a mate. In the digital realm, we craft captivating and imaginative multi-channel, multimedia campaigns that place your brand centre stage. From video and graphic design, to animation and infographics, Bowerbirdy Creative Agency is ready to assist you with engaging future clients.

At Bowerbirdy, we take pride in being a content-focused marketing agency. We adopt a collaborative stance, ensuring research and insights shape not only the campaign channels but the creative content itself. Our marketing team meticulously tailors your content for each website and social media platform, amplifying the resonance of your brand, audience, and message to meet your objectives. By harmonising data with creativity, we enable you to confidently invest in expansive campaigns, assured of a favourable return!