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At Bowerbirdy, we don’t just produce creative events; we craft unique, unforgettable experiences – each bespoke and fully tailored to you. Whether you’re launching a brand, hosting a corporate gathering, holding a community event, or looking to celebrate an exceptional moment of any kind; we guarantee not just perfection, but a sprinkle of Bowerbirdy magic at every step!

Bowerbirdy Ghostbusters Events: Posing for a photo

Bowerbirdy Ghostbusters Events: Getting Super Spooky in Stevenage

When it comes to creating lasting memories , the Bowerbirdy Ghostbusters events team is who you gotta call! Last Sunday at Stevenage Fun Day, we brought the spirit of the beloved Ghostbusters franchise to life, delighting kids and adults alike with an unforgettable...

Safari Adventure in Stevenage

Getting Wild in Stevenage: Safari Adventure

Summer in Stevenage reached new heights of excitement this year, thanks to a visit from our unforgettable Bowerbirdy Safari Adventure Jeep! From the moment the extraordinary Bowerbirdy Safari crew rolled into town, the fun and exploration began. Nature, Learning,...

Why Bowerbirdy

for creative events & experiences?

With our innovative and exclusive range of cutting-edge equipment, alongside our experienced talented team, we’re redefining the event scene. Our trove of unique vehicles and one-of-a-kind gadgets ensures your event isn’t just seen, but felt and remembered.
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Innovation at Every Step

At Bowerbirdy, every event is an extraordinary experience, transforming the ordinary into immersive adventures. Discover how our innovation makes memories.

Innovative Creative Events
at Our Core

Bowerbirdy crafts each event as a unique spectacle, tailored to your vision and designed in collaboration. Experience creativity and bespoke experiences customised just for you.

Creative Events: Fully Customisable
Impactful Equipment

With Bowerbirdy’s unparalleled lineup of inventive vehicles and equipment, we’re here to ensure your event not only stands out but leaves a lasting mark. Ready to make an unforgettable impact?

Bowerbirdy Creative Events: Equipment
Seamless & Sociable

Bowerbirdy’s event staff excel in delivering smooth, expertly managed events while also mastering the art of public interaction. We ensure every detail is perfect and every guest feels valued.

Bowerbirdy Creative Events Staff
Eco-Friendly Experiences

Sustainability is a high priority at Bowerbirdy events. So much so that our unique vehicles are designed and built to be 100% electric, reducing waste and emitting zero emissions.

Sustainable Creative Events
Educational Environment

For young guests, creative events such as our Safari Jeep Adventure blend fun with environmental education, turning exciting experiences into lessons in conservation for a greener future.

Educational Creative Events

Full Creative Agency

In addition to our spectacular creative events, Bowerbirdy also proudly delivers comprehensive marketing and design packages tailored to elevate your brand. Our expert team will ensure that your brand and message doesn’t just speak to your audience, but sings to them! Weaving creativity and strategic insight, we can bring the Bowerbirdy touch into every facet of your business.


Each client and brand is unique. That’s why we take time to understand each individual, to tailor every design project to fit your unique preferences and needs, and why everything that we create is as one-of-a-kind as you are!

Bowerbirdy Design


We love to collaborate. Joining forces with you and your brand, we bring our passion, creativity, and expertise to the table, working together to create successful campaigns that hit the mark, making your goals reality!

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