Hello, adventurers! General Flinders here. I’ve been gallivanting around the globe, and now, I’m absolutely thrilled to bring the wonders of the natural world right to your doorstep thanks to my incredible Adventure Jeep and Bowerbirdy’s Safari Event. It’s not just a jaunt in the wilderness; it’s an enchanting escapade that promises to leave the little ones wide-eyed with wonder.

Stupendous Safari Jeep

Allow me to paint you a picture – imagine a vehicle, not just any old runabout, mind you, but a splendid, eco-friendly electric jeep, fitted out with all manner of gizmos and gadgets to whisk you away on an ecological escapade. This, my dear explorers, is the Bowerbirdy Safari Adventure Jeep, and it’s revving up to take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. We’re not in the business of fleeting fun. Oh no, we’re here for the memories that stick. With plants and photos to take home, the safari event is a gift that keeps on giving.

Safari Event: A boy hold up his free photo and plant.

A Journey for the Junior Explorers

Our safari event isn’t just about gawping at the wonders of the wild from the safety of a seat – oh no! We’re talking about a hands-on frolic through Mother Nature’s playground, where the little ones can forage for acorns like true survivalists. They’ll be feeding our magical Bower Birds and watching them boogie down in a thank-you jig!

The Enchanted Bower Tree

Step to the rear of our trusty jeep, and what do you find? A crate that opens to reveal a woodland wonder – the Enchanted Bower Tree. It’s a portal to another realm where our feathered friends, the Bower Birds, frolic. Peek through the windows and witness a world brimming with enchantment.

Safari Event: Screens showing animated birds doing different activities, found inside the back of the crate on the Safari Jeep

The Seed Station

It’s one thing to see nature, quite another to make it grow! At our Seed Station, your young’uns will get down and dirty with the soil, planting a seed that they can take home. It’s a touch of green for the windowsill that’ll remind them of their safari event long after the joyful day.

Safari Event: Planting seeds at the Seed Station

Safari Event Snaps

Say “cheese,” or perhaps “roar,” at our free instant-print photobooth. It’s not just a memento of the safari event; it’s a freeze-frame of joy, the kind that’ll have you chuckling for years to come.

Gaming in the Wild

And if the great outdoors leaves you craving a bit of the digital domain, our Saf-Arcade machine is your ticket to virtual adventures. It’s a friendly tussle with pixels and sprites, making the safari event a blend of old-world charm and newfangled fun.

Safari Event: Playing on the arcade machine that's built-in to the Safari Jeep

All Aboard the Green Machine

Now, I’m not just a hat and a pair of binoculars; I care deeply for our big blue marble. That’s why our safari jeep is as green as the jungles we love, powered by the zippy zaps of electricity. It’s eco-friendly excitement, my friends!

Getting Crafty

At our craft tables, creativity blooms as vividly as the most exotic flowers in the jungle. Here, amidst a jungle of paper, glue, and glitter, young explorers can fashion their very own safari-themed masterpieces. It’s a place where tiny fingers mould big dreams into tangible keepsakes. Whether it’s creating colourful masks of their favourite animals or assembling bowerbird-inspired collages, each creation is a trophy of their imagination, capturing the wild essence of our safari event.

Safari Event: Children working on craft kits at the Safari arts and crafts table.

Fearsome Face Painting

At the face painting station, children can transform into the creatures they’ve been learning about. With a swish of a brush, your little ones can become roaring lions, stealthy tigers, or even the mystical Bower Birds they’ve been feeding!

Wild Game Show

What event would be complete without a little competitive spirit? General Flinders’ Game Show is the perfect arena. With buzzers that bleat, squawk, and roar, children test their knowledge of the natural world. It’s a riotous, rollicking quiz that’s as educational as it is entertaining, with each question a stepping stone across the river of knowledge. Winners bask in the glory of their newfound facts, while the laughs and learning shared by all make every participant feel like the king or queen of the jungle.

See the Safari Adventure Jeep in action!

If your heart’s now racing like a cheetah on the savannah, then it’s time to join us! Reach out to Bowerbirdy to book your spot on the Safari Adventure Jeep. It’s a call to the wild, a summons to fun, and it’s all just a click away. Don’t let this jeep leave without you; contact Bowerbirdy today and be part of the next safari event that’s the talk of the town.

General Flinders, signing off!