🎃 Happy Halloween!! 👻
When it comes to spooky Halloween fun, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of chasing phantoms, is there?! Especially when you’re doing it in style with our Ghostbusters team at The Mall Wood Green! Last weekend was one for the books, and if you weren’t there, allow us to bring you up to speed on the ghostly goings-on…

The Ecto-2 is Here!

Shoppers weaving through their favourite stores got a surprise when suddenly, an unmistakable siren pierced the air. Emerging from the crowd, our dashing Ghostbusters, donned in their authentic film replica uniforms, made their grand entrance on the iconic Ecto-2 bike. Equipped with an interactive screen, a printer, and an Ecto Egg-detecting satellite droid, this bike was more than just a showpiece—it was the heart of the weekend’s Halloween fun.

Halloween fun with Ghostbuster Kayleigh as she poses with the Ecto-2 bike - which has a touch screen, photo printer and flashing lights.

The Ecto Egg Adventure

The mobile Containment Vault on the back of the Ecto-2 was at the forefront of the festivities. Kids and adults alike set off on a quest to discover the hidden Ecto Eggs scattered throughout the mall. Upon finding these mystical eggs, they were deposited into the vault, which, to everyone’s amusement, responded with a playful giggle. The excitement didn’t end there. Every young detective who tracked down an egg was rewarded with a choice prize from our assortment of delights.

A Photo, A Memory, A Chance to Win!

As if the ghostly adventures weren’t enough, we had another treat in store. Everyone who posed with our Ghostbusters and had their photo taken and printed, not only walked away with a tangible memento of their Halloween fun but also entered our daily prize draw. And here’s the thrilling part: every day, one lucky photo was selected at random, granting the winner a toy bundle worth a whopping £100!

Halloween fun as a young winner of a £100 prize bundle gives thumbs-up in front of his pile of toy prizes.
One of the winners of a £100 prize bundle – congratulations!

Wood Green’s Phantom Problem

Rumours had been swirling about spectral visitors causing mischief at The Mall Wood Green. But fear not! Our Ghostbusters, with their unparalleled expertise, ensured these pesky phantoms were swiftly dealt with. The mall’s corridors echoed with cheer as our team restored peace, ensuring the Halloween fun continued unhindered.

More than Just Ghostbusting

Amidst the spectral showdowns and egg hunts, our team took moments to engage with the visitors. Sharing tales, cracking jokes, and striking poses for photographs, they ensured that everyone left with a smile, a story, and a snapshot of unforgettable Halloween fun.

Watch all the Bowerbirdy Ghostbusters action from last weekend at The Mall Wood Green!

Reflecting on a Spook-tacular Weekend

Looking back, our Ghostbusters event was a blend of nostalgia, adventure, and pure, unadulterated Halloween fun. From the suspense of the ghost tales to the joy of the egg hunts and the anticipation of the photo prize draws, it was a weekend that will linger in the memories of The Mall Wood Green visitors.

Fancy Some Halloween Fun at Your Venue?

If our ghostly tales have sparked an interest, why not get in touch with Bowerbirdy? With our Ghostbusters team, the Ecto-2 bike, and a guarantee of unparalleled Halloween fun, we’re the ones you should ring. Contact us today, and let Bowerbirdy make your next event legendary!