Summer in Stevenage reached new heights of excitement this year, thanks to a visit from our unforgettable Bowerbirdy Safari Adventure Jeep! From the moment the extraordinary Bowerbirdy Safari crew rolled into town, the fun and exploration began.

Nature, Learning, and Acorn Quests

At the heart of the adventure, children had the opportunity to connect with nature in an engaging and educational way. As the young explorers learned about the local environment, they embarked on a mission to forage for rare acorns, a task that delighted both kids and parents alike.

Discover the Enchanted Bower Tree

For those with a curious spirit, the Enchanted Bower Tree was a must-visit. Opening its doors revealed the magical world of the Bower Birds. Peeking into the windows offered a sneak peek into their charming activities, sparking imaginations of children and adults alike.

Safari Adventure: Planting seeds at the Bowerbirdy Safari Adventure Jeep Seed Station

Interactive Fun for All Ages with our Safari Adventure

The Safari jeep was an interactive wonderland, offering something for everyone. The Seed Station allowed budding gardeners to plant a seed and take it home to watch it grow, fostering a love for the environment. Meanwhile, the built-in arcade machine provided endless entertainment, allowing friends and family to team up or challenge each other in more adventures.

Capture the Memories

As the day unfolded, families had their photos taken and instantly printed as keepsakes to treasure. These snapshots captured the smiles, laughter, and pure happiness that filled the air throughout the event.

Safari Adventure: Planting seeds at the Bowerbirdy Safari Adventure Jeep Seed Station

The Bowerbirdy Safari Adventure in Stevenage this summer was a roaring success, blending fun, education, and unforgettable moments into one incredible experience, and we can’t wait to see what adventures Bowerbirdy Safari has in store for us next year!

See Stevenage’s Safari Adventure for yourself!

If you’d like to book a visit from the Bowerbirdy Safari team and their extraordinary jeep, just drop us a message and we’ll be in touch!