Are you ready to light up your Christmas season? We at Bowerbirdy certainly were at the Welwyn Garden City Christmas lights event last weekend. Our Magical Elf Car made a spectacular appearance and, oh-ho-ho, did it turn heads as the crowds waited for the big switch-on!

Watch all the festive fun from our visit to Welwyn Garden City

Our Magical Elf Car: the Perfect Addition to Any Christmas Lights Event

Imagine this: The night is crisp, the air is filled with excitement, and then, out of nowhere, a car straight out of a Christmas fairy tale rolls in. Our Elf Car isn’t just a car; it’s a sleigh of joy on wheels, complete with its own DJ system and a direct line to Santa Claus! A perfect addition to any Christmas lights event!

Magical Elf Car at Welwyn Garden City's Christmas Lights Event

Music, Santa Calls, and Laughter

Kids queued up, eyes sparkling with excitement, to have their turn in the passenger seat. Why? To video call Father Christmas, of course! The giggles and wide-eyed wonder when they spoke to Santa were priceless. “Did you just speak to Santa?” we’d ask, and their enthusiastic nods made our day.

Meanwhile the Elf Car’s built-in DJ booth was the heart of the party. We saw your toes tapping and those impromptu dance moves – don’t think we didn’t notice! Christmas tunes filled the air, blending perfectly with the joyful chatter of the crowd.

Magical Elf Car at Welwyn Garden City's Christmas Lights Event

Enchanted Postbox and Memories to Cherish

It wasn’t only Father Christmas bringing the festive laughs – our Enchanted Postbox was a real source of giggles and wonder! Each time a child posted their letter to Santa (written with the help of one of our fantastic elves) the postbox responded with a jolly giggle. A moment of magic that brought the spirit of Christmas to life!

Our fun festive photobooth added another layer of delight. Families and friends posed for instant photos, creating a lasting memory of the event. These photos, handed out right there and then, captured the essence of the event – smiles, laughter, and festive cheer. True keepsakes of a magical day.

Magical Elf Car at Welwyn Garden City's Christmas Lights Event

The Magic of the Christmas Lights Switch-On

Before we knew it, the time for the Christmas lights was upon us. As the countdown began, you could feel the anticipation in the air. 3…2…1… and voilà! Welwyn Garden City transformed into a twinkling wonderland. The lights, reflecting in the eyes of everyone present, created a shared moment of awe. It was magical, and our Elf Car was right there, basking in the glow.

Why the Elf Car?

So, why bring the Elf Car to a Christmas lights event? Simple: it’s a crowd-puller like no other. It’s not every day you see a car that can video call Santa and has its own enchanted postbox! It adds that extra layer of festive spirit, making the event not just a viewing but an experience.

And did we mention that our Elf Car is 100% electric? In a world where we are all trying to be a bit kinder to our planet, it’s great to know that the fun comes with an eco-friendly stamp.

Magical Elf Car at Welwyn Garden City's Christmas Lights Event

Let’s Make Your Event Magical Too!

At Bowerbirdy, we believe in making every event unique and unforgettable. The Welwyn Garden City Christmas lights event was just one of the many stops for our Magical Elf Car this season. Each event is an opportunity for us to spread joy and festive cheer.

Are you planning a Christmas lights event or any festive gathering? Why not add a touch of magic with our Magical Elf Car? Get in touch with us at Bowerbirdy to find out how we can light up your event in the most enchanting way possible. Remember, Christmas is not just about the lights; it’s about the memories you create around them. Let’s make those memories magical together!